About Us

Great design starts with great designers.

Our Story

We’re business-minded design professionals who help you create intuitive, engaging and beautiful digital products and business applications.

Est. 2007

Carl and Brian founded Think Brownstone in 2007 with the idea that great software products start with careful research and evidence-based user experience (UX) design. At Think Brownstone, we believe that products built on this solid foundation will delight users and drive business success. We’re an energetic, growing company equipped to help you tackle just about any design challenge. Let’s get to it.

Our Values

Essential, enduring tenets about which we are so passionate that we would never, under any circumstances, give them up.

Our Purpose

To envision, design, and create experiences that enhance people’s lives.

Our Team

We don’t talk or act like typical consultants. No pretense here and we’re proud of it. Meet some of our talented team that makes it happen.

Why Choose Think Brownstone

Look around – the businesses experiencing runaway success are the ones providing products and services that are the most beneficial, intuitive, and enjoyable to users. How do they do it?

It’s all about achieving balance between the goals of the business, the needs of the customer, and the possibilities of modern technology. At Think Brownstone we’re master-balancers. We consistently consider and develop all three tracks with you, integrating them into a coherent, seamless design. Here’s what it’s like to work with us. A diverse team of professionals (you and us) work collaboratively to tackle a big challenge. We review and validate design concepts along the way (no surprises), and end up with a product that employs innovative technology, delights your customers, and contributes to the success of your business. Sounds good, right? Give us a call or send us a message today.

“The people who make up Think Brownstone are participatory learners who seek to understand your business objectives long before they seek to solve your design challenge. This approach led Citadel to a creative solution and result that exceeded our expectations. However, much more important to Citadel, together we exceeded the expectations of our customers.”

Mike Schnably Senior Vice President at Citadel

The Importance of UX Design

The difference between good products and great ones is a great user experience.

People expect products to be intuitive, beautiful and user-friendly. If these expectations aren’t met, they’ll switch to a competitor – it’s that simple. Focusing on user experience design up-front identifies user needs and ensures your product will meet them. It makes your product easier (and maybe even fun) to use and thus increases user adoption and satisfaction. But that’s only the beginning.

Our user experience design process ensures that the design of your product is validated before development. Our Build Kit® supplies the details that the development team will need to build your product to spec. This means less risk, lower development cost, and usually a shorter development timeline. Post-launch, you’ll see reduced training and support costs, high user retention, and increased market share – ROI becomes a hard number you can take to the bank.

“Think Brownstone has been just incredible to work with. We actually can’t afford them, but everything they do is so fantastic, it ends up being worthwhile and making sense.”

Frank Coates, CEO at Wheelhouse Analytics

Ready for your first Think Session?

Frank Zappa once said: “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

That’s what our Think Sessions are all about. During a Think Session, you step out of your everyday. We ask you questions that get you thinking differently. We introduce examples that get you excited about new possibilities. We sketch together. We capture everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Then we synthesize everything into a new vision. Yeah, it’s kinda magical.

Much more than brainstorming, a Think Session is an informed, creative discussion. No matter how old the problem or how new the opportunity, our approach will crack open the conversation, revealing weaknesses and gems previously underexplored. It’s the heart of what we do and a great way to get to know us. Why not come in and give a Think Session a whirl?

“I’ve done a lot of high-profile civic dialogue work over the last 15 years. Think Brownstone’s Think Session process incorporates many of the best practices for dialogue that I’ve learned in that time. I always say, ‘If you want to have a different conversation, then you really have to try a DIFFERENT conversation.’ The Think Session does that.”

Chris Satullo, Vice President of News and Civic Dialogue at WHYY

Our Studios

Our studios are the heart of our company, where the air pulses with energy, ideas and obscure pop-culture references. Make yourself at home.


Think Brownstone Conshohocken photo

No, our flagship studio isn’t in a brownstone.

But it is in an amazing historic building with loft style workspaces, tons of natural light and white boards galore. Our clients love it here. It’s perfectly suited for all-day Think Sessions bringing together your team and ours to sketch, listen, question, debate, ideate, laugh and design. There aren’t many places where the idea of an all day meeting isn’t daunting. Our Conshohocken studio is one of those special places.

Why does space matter? Sure, as designers aesthetics are important to us. But more importantly, we believe it’s hard to think outside the box when you work in one. We give our clients a break from the box. Located just outside Philadelphia, our Conshohocken studio is convenient to companies in the city or the burbs. Drop by sometime. We’d love to have you.

201 Fayette Street
Second and Third Floors
Conshohocken, PA 19428
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Think Brownstone Philadelphia photo

Built in the roaring 20’s, now roaring even louder.

Our newest Think Space in Center City Philadelphia is about as central as you can get—a literal stone’s throw from City Hall (the heart of it all, watched over by good ol’ William Penn himself). A monument to the roaring 20’s, our iconic space within the historic Packard Grande has the high ceilings and natural light we’re known for, but this time with exquisite marble work and vintage hand-painted detail. We’ve always had Philly in our blood, but now that we’ve got a location downtown we’re officially residents of this great city—and we couldn’t be more proud.

The most convenient office for our national, international, and city-based clients, we’ve got quick access to any amenity you can think of and also have our own private entrance with two floors of workspace.

111 South 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
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