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Think Brownstone is growing! If you agree with our core values and qualify for one of these positions, we want to talk to you!

Our Values

Essential, enduring tenets about which we are so passionate that we would never, under any circumstances, give them up.

  • Be excellent.

    We always aim for excellence – great people, great work, great client service, and great business practices.

  • Be nice to people.

    We treat our coworkers and clients the way we’d like to be treated – with genuine care, kindness, and respect.

  • Be honest.

    We communicate openly and honestly with our coworkers and clients – believing that this leads to healthy relationships and work we can be proud of.

  • Work together.

    We collaborate with our coworkers and clients – valuing each others’ ideas and believing that teamwork will produce the best results.

  • Continuously improve.

    We aim to get better and better at what we do – improving our job skills and leadership abilities; growing revenue and profit.

  • Be of service.

    We give more than is expected of us – to our coworkers and clients, to people that need help, and toward the advancement of our profession.

Our Purpose

To envision, design, and create experiences that enhance people's lives.