You bring the products, systems or services, and we’ll make them intuitive, enjoyable and valuable to your users. Promise.

  • NewsWorks


    NewsWorks received a grant from the Knight Foundation to partner with several consultants and agencies with different approaches and competencies to explore new ways to achieve their goals. We were selected as one of these partners to help research and cast the vision for a new model for the future of online public media. Read more

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  • Citadel


    Citadel approached us to help them translate their in-person service into an equally exceptional online experience by redesigning their marketing website and developing an accompanying Digital Engagement Plan. Our challenge: How do we send the lollipop and smile from the drive-through teller to your laptop or smart phone? Read more

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  • iPipeline


    iPipeline’s revolutionary business applications enable carriers, distributors and financial professionals to market, sell and process insurance policies online, but nearly all of their 8 product lines and more than 30 products had a different user interface design, taxonomy, and information architecture. It was time to establish a unified UI. Read more

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Targeted research, novel ideas, realistic strategies, smart user-centered design, rock-solid development – we’ve got it covered.


  • Business Stakeholder Research
  • Customer/User Research
  • Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience Auditing
  • Customer Touchpoint Analysis
  • Customer Engagement Strategy
  • Product Design Strategy


  • Business Application Design
  • Web Application & Website Design
  • Mobile & Tablet App Design
  • Brand Design and Advancement
  • Data Visualization
  • Content Design
  • Business Process Design
  • Learning Experience Design
  • Human Interaction Design


  • User Interface Development
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Web App & Website Development
  • Mobile & Tablet Development
  • Content Management System (CMS) Development
  • Analytics & Measurement
  • Design Thinking Workshops


We’re business-minded design professionals who help you create intuitive, engaging and beautiful digital products and business applications.

Carl and Brian founded Think Brownstone in 2007 with the idea that great software products start with careful research and evidence-based user experience (UX) design. At Think Brownstone, we believe that products built on this solid foundation will delight users and drive business success. We’re an energetic, growing company equipped to help you tackle just about any design challenge. Let’s get to it.

Think Brownstone is growing, and we’re looking for talented Designers, Developers, and Project Managers to join our team.
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We don’t talk or act like typical consultants. No pretense here and we're proud of it. Meet some of our talented team that makes it happen.

  • Carl

    chief executive officer &

    The “mayor” of Think Brownstone, Carl is likely to be the first person with which you have a passionate discussion about the possibilities of our work – no topic being off-limits on that road to better experience. A seasoned design executive and practitioner, Carl ensures needs are met and exceeded.

  • Brian

    chief design officer &

    The “craftsman” of Think Brownstone, Brian’s hands-on approach to experience design and his attention to every detail of the aesthetic sets the bar for all of our deliverables. He challenges the team to innovate while also employing techniques that ensure our work is classic and enduring.

  • Russ

    executive vice president

    The “foreman” of Think Brownstone, Russ channels passion and broad experience to articulate vision and turn
    it into action. His goal is to rid the world of poorly designed experiences one project at a time – using authenticity, empathy, and a keen ability to make the complex simple.

  • David

    vice president, client engagement

    The “pathfinder” of Think Brownstone, Dave leads our sales and marketing efforts – leveraging extensive consulting experience to shape engagements and help set direction. His passion is working with clients to successfully address business challenges while maximizing value for the investment.

  • Phil

    Vice President, Experience Design

    The “professor” of Think Brownstone, Phil holds designs and processes up to industry standards and best practices – and has a knack for figuring out how to go above and beyond. With a proven track record of client satisfaction and organizational leadership, Phil simply “gets it.”

  • Bruce

    Vice President, Operations

    The “conductor” of Think Brownstone, Bruce sets our operational tempo (he likes it at a lively allegro) and ensures everyone is working in perfect harmony. This requires smart, flexible, and continuously fine-tuned processes for communication, efficiency, collaboration and quality—Bruce’s specialty.

  • Brad


    The “surveyor” of Think Brownstone, Brad’s background is in Organizational Communications, Learning, and Design. Add project management chops, a dash of healthy skepticism, and a solution-oriented outlook and you’ve got an expert at balancing design objectives with business needs.

  • Michael

    senior experience designer

    The “scout” of Think Brownstone, Mike spends his time on the front lines of information sciences and technology – bringing back research and experiences that inform designs that are both current and classic. Send him off with a high level concept or idea and when he returns, expect to be convinced.

  • Daniel


    The “sounding board” of Think Brownstone, Dan augments top-notch visual design skills with expansive knowledge of experience design and some “armchair psychology” thrown in for good measure. Known for sage insights, there’s a reason why you’ll quickly find yourself asking “what do you think, Dan?”

  • Gareth

    experience designer

    The “antipodean” of Think Brownstone, Gareth brings industrial design and mechanical engineering know-how to his physical and digital creations – skills he originally honed in his native Australia. Bringing unique insight to interface and information design, projects are simply better with him on board.

  • Chad

    senior experience designer

    The “surfer” of Think Brownstone (in both the literal and metaphorical sense), Chad has a ravenous appetite for inspiration – synthesizing the latest design trends and insight from prior experiences into beautiful aesthetics and experiences that are both cutting edge and classic.

  • Jen


    The “tactician” of Think Brownstone, Jen helps us keep the logistics behind the scenes as elegant and user-friendly as our design work. She’s well versed in the science of program management but knows that when it comes to game-changing experience design projects, it’s just as much an art.

  • Jovita (Eva)


    The “referee” of Think Brownstone, Eva requires being completely convinced before she gives the “go-ahead” — which is exactly what you want in requirements validation, web publishing, and XML troubleshooting. Tinkering around under the hood, Eva cleans up the micro so that the macro sparkles.

  • Kellie


    The “scrutinizer” of Think Brownstone, Kellie is technically an editor/analyst but we like to think of her more as a professional nit-picker. With over 15 years of web development experience, nobody is better when it comes to applying a detailed style guide across a complex body of work.

  • Allison


    The “instigator” of Think Brownstone, Allison is a cross-functional dynamo – all about taking the reins to drive programs from concept to deployment, and getting things done. A proactive, hands-on leader and problem solver, she savors the big challenges and opportunities.

  • Kristina


    The “coach” of Think Brownstone, Kristina’s approach to design and project leadership builds upon her experience with change management and analysis, giving her unique and valuable perspective. She’s got training and education in the blood, with a history of taking ideas through to implementation.

  • Greg Greiner



    The “mechanic” of Think Brownstone, Greg works with the rest of the team to validate designs with working prototypes and fit out our Build Kits with all of the nuts and bolts. His background and insight provides a baseline for what is technically possible, and his inventive spirit frequently pushes us beyond those barriers.

  • Kimberly Blessing



    The “mad scientist” of Think Brownstone, Kimberly is constantly experimenting with both hardware and code to test the limits of what’s possible today and to anticipate what's on the horizon. When it comes to execution, she’s laser-focused on delivering technology solutions that last.

  • Jessica Hope



    The “logician” of Think Brownstone, Jessica is an analytical thinker who enjoys taking things apart, seeing how they work, and putting them back together again. A mathematician as well as a student of the arts, she’s that unique designer who is equally potent on the front-end and back-end.

  • Nora McCloskey



    The “fireball” of Think Brownstone, Nora is that blur you see zipping around the office making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Managing the day-to-day specifics for a bustling office and also helping out on projects where she can, few people wear as many hats (and can fill as many gaps) as Nora!

  • Brian Feister



    The “adventurer” of Think Brownstone, Brian rides the bleeding edge of technology with a special love for process & workflow optimization. Living in the space between humans and computers, he rarely does the same thing twice; there’s always a better way. He’s a designer, dreamer, customizer and optimizer all rolled into one.

  • Meg Rye



    The “advocate” of Think Brownstone, Meg’s passion for championing the people and projects she believes in is infectious. She’s PA Dutch hospitality and integrity residing at the intersection of community, technology, arts and culture; a trusted guide when identifying efforts that will truly meet and exceed your goals.


Our studios are the heart of our company, where the air pulses with energy, ideas and obscure pop-culture references. Make yourself at home.

We searched high and low for Think Space that suits the unique spirit of Think Brownstone. We found it at 201 Fayette Street in downtown Conshohocken, PA – restored historical space with lots of charm and character. This is where we (and you) write on the walls, envision solutions, and dream out loud. And opening soon, our new Think Space in Center City Philadelphia! Come out for a visit and think with us.

Think Brownstone Conshohocken

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Think Brownstone Philadelphia


Read enough? Ready to talk? We’d love to meet you, learn about your business challenges, and help craft a plan to knock them down.

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