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Building Strong Team Communication; Our #DareConf Takeaways

At Think Brownstone, teasing out the human side of design through facilitation and listening is built into our DNA. So when a few of us heard about the Dare Conference coming to Philadelphia (and being held in the U.S. for the first time), it felt like a no-brainer to attend. This past week, Abby, Helene, Gina, and I participated in different parts of this outside-the-norm conference, including a full day of sessions, an after party with short talks (hosted in our Philly studio!), and a second day of hands-on workshops. We each had our eye on specific topics and exercises we … Read more of the post Building Strong Team Communication; Our #DareConf Takeaways

Our Core Values, Episode V: Continuously Improve

This is the fifth in a series intended to go deeper into each of our Core Values. The series was started by Brian with Our Core Values, Episode I: Be Excellent, and Kimberly wrote about it most recently with Episode IV: Work Together. I’ll continue the discussion with our fifth core value: Continuously Improve. As an introspective person dedicated to self-improvement, I’ve been affected by many people and events and have learned a lot about myself through these interactions. But nothing has taught me more about continuous improvement than the experiences I’ll share now. Improve Through Practice Before you read any further, draw a small line on a piece … Read more of the post Our Core Values, Episode V: Continuously Improve

Think Brownstone’s Apple Watch Share: Week One

Last Friday, an excited group of early adopters at Think Brownstone gathered to unveil two brand-new Apple Watches that arrived in the studio mailbox that morning. After taking a break to rip open the packages, try on the watches, and snap a photo or two, the group held a random drawing to determine the lucky folks who would wear the team-owned watches for the first few weeks. Thus launched Think Brownstone’s Apple Watch share. The idea came from Mark, who sent out a company-wide email a few months before the watch’s release to gauge interest in testing it out as a team. He had a hunch that others might … Read more of the post Think Brownstone’s Apple Watch Share: Week One

Designing Digital First Impressions

When I scroll through my Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn feeds, I notice that we’re all meeting in the digital space almost as often as in the physical space. I already know the way that I act, speak, dress, and interact will influence the impression others form about me in a face-to-face meeting—and this same principle applies to my digital identity. Now that we’re engaging so dynamically online, how do we design the best first impression possible? When meeting someone in person for the first time, I perform a series of actions: I smile, extend my hand, give a firm handshake, … Read more of the post Designing Digital First Impressions

We Are All Analog Beings

Not too long ago, a client challenged our use of the word “analogue” in the middle of a Think Session. I don’t remember the quote exactly, but he said something like this: “Maybe you guys could put together a few analogues for that interaction. ‘Analogue?’ Am I using that right? You guys always use it. Anyway, can you see how other applications are doing this, and then give us one of your presentations so we can make a more informed decision?”   This conversation launched an archaeological expedition among our gang to figure out if a) the term was common in … Read more of the post We Are All Analog Beings