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Embracing Code Reviews

As a former freelance developer, the first time I learned about a “code review” was from a peer who worked at a Philadelphia-based web agency. She explained that she’d recently been given formal feedback from her team on some code she’d written for a big project. “So, tell me where you were going with this…”—that was the review comment, she told me, that had her almost in tears and questioning her value as a developer. This peer was the amazingly talented Jana Veliskova (who is totally on board with my telling this story). I had just watched her move fearlessly forward … Read more of the post Embracing Code Reviews

Why Think Brownstone Has a Winning Culture

When a colleague suggested that I write a post about Think Brownstone’s company culture with the fresh perspective of a new employee, I enthusiastically agreed. After only six weeks here, I already have oodles of reflections to share. Once I started jotting down my thoughts, I quickly realized that our unique, vibrant culture has a life of its own that’s hard to encapsulate in a mere blog entry. But I shall try to do it justice. I joined Think Brownstone after years of feeling like a cog in various machines. Corporate culture certainly has its place, but I was never personally able to … Read more of the post Why Think Brownstone Has a Winning Culture

Are You Ready for the Bleeding ‘Edge’?

If you’re like many of us here at Think Brownstone, you know that technology evolves rapidly, and you do the best you can to keep up. That’s just one of the reasons it’s so great to work with a team of smart, talented people—everyone can divide and conquer to stay abreast of changes in the industry. I’ve always been the unabashed, hardcore Windows user of the team. For months, I’ve been knowledge-dropping about Windows 10 and its exciting new features as I’ve run the preview builds at home. As a web architect and developer, I’ve also been eagerly awaiting the final delivery of Edge, the evergreen … Read more of the post Are You Ready for the Bleeding ‘Edge’?

From Notes to Pixels

When people ask what I did before UX design, they are usually surprised to hear that I was an orchestral conductor. What’s even more surprising to them is that the core skills of a conductor and a UX designer are nearly identical. That’s right. I was the guy on stage waving my arms through the air while a group of talented musicians played on stage and made me look good (… usually). But a lot of work would come before that moment. SIMPLIFY I remember sitting at my desk for hours studying the great works—the Beethoven symphonies, the Mahler symphonies, … Read more of the post From Notes to Pixels

Our Core Values, Episode VI: Be Of Service

As experience design consultants, we have a penchant for identifying with self-important descriptions like visionary, innovator, and the next Steve Jobs. Some of these descriptions may be accurate in rare cases, but in reality designers have more in common with a restaurant waiter than we do Mr. Jobs. At Think Brownstone, we acknowledge this commonality with our sixth and final core company value: Be of service. One of the many ways we manifest this value is by pursuing altruistic activities with our two paid volunteer days each year. Other ways include organizing company-wide volunteer opportunities, helping out at local design workshops and schools, donating money to … Read more of the post Our Core Values, Episode VI: Be Of Service