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Conquering Creative Burn-out

I should preface this article by saying I am the last to give advice on avoiding burn-out. But maybe that makes me the most qualified because I can show you how I conquered it. When our occupations coincide with our passions, burn-out is inevitable. We all have felt this in some form and there is never a correct approach to avoiding it; there are only strategies to conquer it and come back stronger. I recently read a great AMA (ask me anything) with all-star designer Frank Chimero in which he shares some of his own experiences with some excellent insight … Read more of the post Conquering Creative Burn-out

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Opens Our New Center City Studio!

This year’s Bastille Day Cheese Day was the best one yet. About 200 guests joined us for a gastronomic experience that included a guided tour of nine different cheeses led by Amanda Bernhardt from Di Bruno Brothers, wine pairings hand-selected by Jana Sukala, CSW, fresh mozzarella pulling by Jamie Png (back by popular demand), and handmade chocolates by Fred Ortega from Tradestone Confections. But even more than the fine wine, cheese, and chocolate, the real star of the show this year was our amazing new Think Space at 111 South 15th Street—on the dramatic Mezzanine level of the historic Packard … Read more of the post Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Opens Our New Center City Studio!

Origin Story: Where Did “Think Brownstone” Come From?

Recently, our summer intern Lena (from Northwestern University) suggested a blog post on the origin of the name “Think Brownstone”—something that, come to think of it, we get asked often enough that it’s probably high time to put it out there officially! You’ll likely find the explanation to be equal parts mundane and interesting, but great things often come from humble beginnings—and we’re no exception. Brian and I have known each other for over 15 years now, and prior to TBI we worked at a few different organizations together. When we were part of UX teams under the umbrella of … Read more of the post Origin Story: Where Did “Think Brownstone” Come From?

The Monster at the End of This Blog Post

My favorite book when I was a little kid was The Monster at the End of This Book, starring Grover. I’m sure I still have my old worn copy of it in a box of moldy books in my basement. My mother read to me all the time, but this is one of the two books I vividly recall. The second was Albert Herbert Hawkins: The Naughtiest Boy in the World, but that’s a different blog post. When we read the monster book, Mom would build up the drama as I turned the pages: slowing down, getting quieter, shrieking when Grover shrieked. … Read more of the post The Monster at the End of This Blog Post

Tough Love For UX Candidates

A little while ago, Phil Charron and I were asked to speak to seniors in a design program at a local university. The idea was that we’d share a little bit about Think Brownstone, who we are and the kind of work we do, and then really dig into the kind of people that we hire and what we look for in candidates. Phil and I have worked together on and off for 17 years now, and we co-taught the capstone course in the Instructional Design Masters Program at Philadelphia University for 11 of those, so we’ve got a shorthand … Read more of the post Tough Love For UX Candidates