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We Are All Analog Beings

Not too long ago, a client challenged our use of the word “analogue” in the middle of a Think Session. I don’t remember the quote exactly, but he said something like this: “Maybe you guys could put together a few analogues for that interaction. ‘Analogue?’ Am I using that right? You guys always use it. Anyway, can you see how other applications are doing this, and then give us one of your presentations so we can make a more informed decision?”   This conversation launched an archaeological expedition among our gang to figure out if a) the term was common in … Read more of the post We Are All Analog Beings

Gamification (Or Incentivizing Interactive Experiences)

Some words come to mean everything and nothing, and if you ask for a definition you’ll get a different answer every time. “Synergy,” “paradigm,” and “affordance” are good examples of words that people love to overuse and abuse. A more recent entrant into this unfortunate pantheon is “gamification.” For those unfamiliar with the idea of gamification, it’s another in a long line of experience design tactics meant to drive user engagement. Gamification comes in many flavors and intensity levels. At one end of the spectrum are full-blown games, like the Civilization franchise, and at the other end are focused implementations … Read more of the post Gamification (Or Incentivizing Interactive Experiences)

Soup & Salad Day: A TBI Lunchtime Tradition

You’ve probably seen photos of the Think Brownstone team in action, huddled together mid-conversation in our cozy Conshohocken and Philadelphia Think Spaces. These spaces are central meeting places where we gather to discuss UX design, strategy, business goals, company to-do’s, and upcoming projects. But at lunch, Think Space discussions shift to more important topics: our favorite cereals, whether ghosts and aliens are real, inventions that may make the world a better place (like BeefGurt®), and what our respective G.I. Joe code names and trucker handles would be. The real stuff. Once a week, these conversations happen during a Think Brownstone … Read more of the post Soup & Salad Day: A TBI Lunchtime Tradition

Our Core Values, Episode IV: Work Together

This is the fourth in a series intended to go deeper into each of our Core Values. The series was started by Brian with Our Core Values, Episode I: Be Excellent, followed by Russ with Episode II: Be Nice To People, and most recently followed by Allison with Episode III: Be Honest. I’ll continue the series with a core value that’s become especially important to me over the years: Work Together. Think Brownstone’s development team was founded two years ago with the goal of helping our clients fully realize the beautiful design work we deliver. In the spirit of true … Read more of the post Our Core Values, Episode IV: Work Together

The Designer’s Requirement

Once, in a moment of earnest wonder, a designer we were interviewing at Think Brownstone paused in the middle of presenting their work and asked “do you ever stop caring?” implying that caring too much about the work can burn you out. Designers never stop caring. They can’t, because empathy is in the bedrock of their work. They daydream of the world embracing new ideas. They murmur your projects’ names in their sleep. They take long, hard looks in the mirror and wonder what caring this much is doing to their health. And when they fail you, when they fall … Read more of the post The Designer’s Requirement