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Becoming a Better Developer and Letting Go Of Dogma

I recently found myself in a debate with some of my colleagues where I was in the minority during the course of the discussion, and was having a hard time conceding my point and acquiescing to the greater group’s logic. The topic really doesn’t matter for the sake of this post, but I went home and really had to think about why I felt the way I did and why it was hard for me to see everyone else’s point of view. After some time I realized that I had become so stuck in my own dogma that it blinded … Read more of the post Becoming a Better Developer and Letting Go Of Dogma

Elevate Your Audience

The end of the year is Best of… season on the internet and if you can find a few trusted sources, you can generally find some nice things you may have missed while you were busy having a life. I’m always curious to see who Apple has awarded their best apps of the year awards to, as they’ve had a pretty good track record in the past—Instagram (2011), Day One (2012), Duolingo (2013)—all apps on my phone that have provided me great value. This year’s selection is Elevate, a “brain training” game, and I can see why it earned the … Read more of the post Elevate Your Audience

2014 Retrospective / Ramble

In August of 2010, Think Brownstone was just shy of three years old but had grown to a size where we felt the need for, and therefore held, our first quarterly meeting. We haven’t missed one since, and in fact had our Q4 2014 meeting last week…those end-of-year sessions tending to be high on emotion, celebration, and looking both backward and forward simultaneously. I had to look back in the archives to see when we held the first of the now 18 (!) quarterlies we’ve hosted, and when I found the original deck and opened it, it was fantastic to … Read more of the post 2014 Retrospective / Ramble

Our Core Values, Episode III: Be Honest

This is the third in a series intended to go deeper on each of our Core Values, started by Brian with Our Core Values, Episode I: Be Excellent and followed by Russ with Episode II: Be Nice To People. This time around, we’ll talk about the core value of being honest: We communicate openly and honestly with our coworkers and clients—believing that this leads to healthy relationships and work we can be proud of. Being honest can be difficult for me, especially when I’m afraid I might hurt someone’s feelings. I was recently asked to give peer feedback. The positive feedback was easy: … Read more of the post Our Core Values, Episode III: Be Honest

Our Visit To The Neema Project In Kitale, Kenya

Two weeks ago I traveled to Africa with Carl and his Dad (Carl Sr.) to visit the Neema Project. Neema is a non-profit organization that provides skills training, counseling, and housing for vulnerable young women in Kitale, Kenya. We got connected to the Neema Project through my wife Lindsay, who is a member of Neema’s board of directors. Think Brownstone provides the funds needed to run Neema’s residential program, available to the young women at Neema whose situations at home are the most desperate. These girls are provided with a safe home environment, clean water, food, and medical care—so they can … Read more of the post Our Visit To The Neema Project In Kitale, Kenya