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The Designer’s Requirement

Once, in a moment of earnest wonder, a designer we were interviewing at Think Brownstone paused in the middle of presenting their work and asked “do you ever stop caring?” implying that caring too much about the work can burn you out. Designers never stop caring. They can’t, because empathy is in the bedrock of their work. They daydream of the world embracing new ideas. They murmur your projects’ names in their sleep. They take long, hard looks in the mirror and wonder what caring this much is doing to their health. And when they fail you, when they fall … Read more of the post The Designer’s Requirement

Project Management & The Art Of Mindfulness

Folks at Think Brownstone are passionate about the idea of bettering themselves; they’re interested in continuous improvement of their design abilities and discipline, their interactions with others, and any number of personal/extracurricular pursuits. Me personally, I’ve been challenging myself lately to explore the (admittedly “trending”) philosophical marvel of “mindfulness” a little more. My original intention was to only improve my “personal self,” but I had no idea at the time how much carry-over there would be to my “professional self.” My self improvement journey has had a major impact on the multiple dimensions that make up who I am as … Read more of the post Project Management & The Art Of Mindfulness

No Audience / Know Audience

We’re constantly beating the drum of knowing your audience. Who are your users? What are they trying to accomplish? Without this knowledge, anything you create—be it an app, a written piece (like this), or a podcast—has the very distinct possibility of missing the mark. Creators (and we live in a Creator Economy) have a challenging line to walk if they want to be successful. Simply asking people what they want is going to result in more of the same. Same, by it’s very definition, is ubiquitous and on the wrong side of the law of supply and demand. In other … Read more of the post No Audience / Know Audience

Using Pattern Libraries For Front-End Dev: Efficiency, Communication & Structure

Approaching front-end builds in a “modular” way is something we’ve embraced at Think Brownstone — and it’s something that often requires educating others about what this means, exactly. At a high level, rather than thinking about building your website/app as a collection of pages that contain content, work from the inside out to identify the smaller, individual pieces that make up those pages. These pieces, commonly called “components”, “modules” or “patterns”, are the building blocks for the overall product. We maintain and share these with a pattern library. Although it turns a long-standing mental model on its head, it’s not really … Read more of the post Using Pattern Libraries For Front-End Dev: Efficiency, Communication & Structure

Becoming a Better Developer and Letting Go Of Dogma

I recently found myself in a debate with some of my colleagues where I was in the minority during the course of the discussion, and was having a hard time conceding my point and acquiescing to the greater group’s logic. The topic really doesn’t matter for the sake of this post, but I went home and really had to think about why I felt the way I did and why it was hard for me to see everyone else’s point of view. After some time I realized that I had become so stuck in my own dogma that it blinded … Read more of the post Becoming a Better Developer and Letting Go Of Dogma